Economics Mcqs

Economics Mcqs

economics mcqs

This is Economics MCQs Category a free Student Benefit Information. This collection of MCQs can be used for the preparation of Entry test for different organizations Government and private Jobs e.g. WAPDA, FIA, IB, NADRA, Army, Ranger, Police, Navy, Air Force, etc. and Teaching jobs like Fpsc, NTS, Ppsc, and other Govt jobs of different scales (Grade 1 to 17).

All Categories of Economics MCQs
1. Introduction To Economics 11. Basic of Economics
2. The Aggregate Demand Aggregate Supply Model 12. Stabilization, Adjustment, Reform and Privatization
3. The Phillips Curve 13. The International Economy And Globalization
4. Supply and Demand 14. Oligopoly
5. Monopoly 15. Macroeconomic Policy Tools
6. Inflation & Productivity 16. Trade Regulations And Industrial Policies
7. Taxation 17. Production Factors
8. Long Term Economic Growth 18. Payments, Aid and Foreign Investment
9. Exchange-Rate Determination 19. Applied Microeconomics
10. Foreign Exchange 20. Elasticity


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