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This is Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs Category a free Student Benefit Information. This collection of MCQs can be used for the preparation of Entry test for different organizations Government and private Jobs e.g. WAPDA, FIA, IB, NADRA, Army, Ranger, Police, Navy, Air Force, etc. and Teaching jobs like FPSC, NTS, PPSC, and other Govt jobs of different scales (Grade 1 to 17).

All Categories of Pakistan Current Affairs

1. Current IG’s of Police  11. Gilgit Baltistan Ministers
2. Current Governors  12. Current Presidents, Chairmen, CEOs
3. Current Chief Justices     
4. Current Ambassadors of Pakistan    
5. Current Federal Ministers     
6. Current Chief Ministers     
7. Current KPK Ministers     
8. Current Punjab Ministers     
9. Current Balochistan Ministers    
10. Current Sindh Ministers    


  1. Who is the Current President and CEO of the Bank of Punjab (BoP)?
    A. Zaheer Masud
    B. Zafar Masud
    C. Azhar Masud
    D. None of these
  2. Which two countries prevented Pakistan’s attempt to set up an informal group
    of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) envoys at the United Nations on
    A. UAE and Indonesia
    B. UAE and the Maldives
    C. Maldives and Indonesia
    D. UAE and Oman
  3. In May 2020, The World Bank restored Pakistan’s budgetary support after four
    years by approving a policy loan of__________?
    A. $250 Million
    B. $350 Million
    C. $450 Million
    D. $500 Million
  4. Name the former governor of Balochistan who died of coronavirus in Karachi on
    May 20, 2020.
    A. Owais Ahmed Ghani
    B. Miangul Aurangzeb
    C. Syed Abdur Rahem
    D. Syed Fazal Agha
  5. Name the Fourteen years old blind British-Pakistani girl who became an
    international sensation by auditioning at the reality talent show Britain’s Got
    A. Sarah Khan
    B. Aiman Ali
    C. Laila Ali
    D. Sirine Jahangir
  6. On May 15, which global credit rating agency announced that it is putting
    Pakistan under watch for possible downgrade of its long-term local and foreign
    credit ratings?
    A. S&P Global
    B. Moody’s Corporation
    C. M&P Global
    D. Houdi International
  7. The Governor of Sindh promulgated the Sindh Epidemic Diseases (Amendment)
    Ordinance 2020 on___________?
    A. Apr 10, 2020
    B. May 11, 2020
    C. Apr 13,2020
    D. May 13, 2020
  8. Who has been appointed as Chairman of the Kashmir Committee in Pakistan?
    A. Amjid Ali Khan Niazi
    B. Shehryar khan Afridi
    C. Fakhar Imam
    D. Amir Sultan Cheema
  9. Passion, a Pakistani short film that won first prize at Girls Impact the World
    Festival is filmed by__________?
    A. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy
    B. Sharmeen Khan
    C. Mehreen Jabbar
    D. Sarah Jehaan Khan
  10. Which famous Pakistani comedian, poet, actor, and writer died on 10th May
    A. Rauf Lala
    B. Ghulam Ali Feroze
    C. Athar Shah Khan Jaidi
    D. None of these
  11. First Hindu GD Pilot of Pakistan belongs to which province?
    A. Punjab
    B. KPK
    C. Sindh
    D. None of these
  12. When the supreme court allowed the federal government to hold polls in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) under the election Act-2017?
    A. 28th April 2020
    B. 30th April 2020
    C. 2nd May 2020
    D. None of these
  13. how many criminals were awarded death sentence between April 1, 2019, and
    March 30, 2020, by courts in Pakistan?
    A. 874
    B. 875
    C. 876
    D. 890
  14. In April 2020 Pakistan was ranked as a_____________by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), becoming the only country in South Asia to achieve
    the status.
    A. 3rd Generation Regulator (G4)
    B. 5th Generation Regulator (G4)
    C. 4th Generation Regulator (G4)
    D. 2nd Generation Regulator (G4)
  15. Nisab For Zakat deduction on banks accounts was fixed at __________ by the
    SBP for 2020:
    A. Rs44,415
    B. Rs46,329
    C. Rs49,750
    D. None of these
  16. Pakistan ranks _____________ on 2020 World Press Freedom Index?
    A. 135
    B. 145
    C. 165
    D. 155
  17. Which campaign was launched by Pakistan Football Association in collaboration
    with FIFA and WHO?
    A. Healthy At Home
    B. Be Strong
    C. Be Active
    D. Stay Home Stay Healthy
  18. Pakistan has about 759 pharmaceutical manufacturing units, but the only WHO
    approved manufacturing facility is___________?
    A. Hilton Pharma
    B. Ccl Pharma
    C. Getz Pharma
    D. Ferozsons Pharma
  19. Brigadier______________an Ak-21 regiment officer assumed the charge of new military secretary to Prime Minister Imran Khan for a 3 years term on 15th April
    A. Muhammad Ahmed
    B. Ammar Aslam
    C. Naveed Akhtar
    D. Moin Akhtar
  20. Who is the Current Minister of Food in Punjab?
    A. Yasir Humayun Sarfaraz
    B. Sami Ullah Chaudhry
    C. Aleem Khan
    D. Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht
  21. Who is the Current Chief Commissioner for Afghan refugees?
    A. Dr. Imran Zeb
    B. Pervez Khattak
    C. Ayesha farroqi
    D. Saad Ullah
  22. Missing Baloch journalist Sajid Hussain found dead in ______ on 1st May 2020
    A. Sudden
    B. Sweden
    C. Saudi Arabia
    D. None of these
  23. What is the theme of World Wildlife Day 2020?
    A. The future of wildlife is in our hands
    B. Listen to the young voices
    C. Sustaining all life on Earth
    D. Big Cats
    E. Life below Water: for People and Planet
  24. Which Physician at Wuhan Hospital warned his colleagues in December 2019
    about the possible outbreak of an illness that resembles severe acute
    respiratory syndrome later acknowledged as COVID 19?
    A. Li Chen
    B. Li Wenliang
    C. Xi Chen
    D. Xi Jinpeng
  25. Who was appointed as the new chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast in
    A. Barack Obama
    B. Michelle Obama
    C. Hillary Clinton
    D. Queen Elizabeth II
  26. The largest virus bank in Asia located in Wuhan, lately in news in regards to the lab conspiracy theory is____________?
    A. China Center for Virology
    B. China Center for Virus Studies
    C. Center of Pathological Studies
    D. China Center for Virus Culture Collection
  27. Which of the following country’s parliament approved a law that allows for the
    release tens of thousands of prisoners as a safety measure against the
    coronavirus outbreak?
    A. Iran
    B. Turkey
    C. Italy
    D. USA
  28. For how many poorest countries the G20 have suspended debt payments as
    Do they wage an economic battle against coronavirus?
    A. 50
    B. 77
    C. 90
    D. None of these
    Which of the following country has stopped its funding to world health
    organization ( WHO)?
    A. Japan
    B. USA
    C. Saudi Arabia
    D. None of these
  29. Who is the current Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, the highest religious authority
    in the country?
    A. Sheikh Abdullah al-Sheikh
    B. Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh
    C. Sheikh Abdulnaseer al-Sheikh
    D. Sheikh Abdulrahman al-Sheikh
  30. When was the World Health Organisation established?
    A. April 6th, 1948
    B. April 7th, 1948
    C. April 5th, 1948
    D. April 8th, 1948
  31. Which UN body adopted a resolution calling for ‘Global Solidarity’ to defeat
    A. UNGA
    B. UNHRC
    C. UNSC
    D. UNEP
  32. Which country will be hosting the 3rd Asian Youth Games in 2021?
    A. Japan
    B. India
    C. China
    D. Sri Lanka
  33. Which among the following tennis tournaments has been canceled for the first
    time since World War II?
    A. Australian Open
    B. Wimbledon
    C. French Open
    D. US Open
  34. Who has termed the Coronavirus pandemic as the most challenging crisis since
    World War II?
    A. UN Secretary-General
    B. WHO Director-General
    C. Italian Prime Minister
    D. US President
  35. Which nation will host Asian Boxing Championships 2020?
    A. India
    B. China
    C. Malaysia
    D. Japan
  36. The US state department has accused which nation of secretly carrying out low-level underground nuclear test explosions?
    A. Iran
    B. North Korea
    C. Israel
    D. China
  37. A joint collaboration of NASA and SpaceX sent astronauts to International Space Station on May 30,2020. The mission, called___________?
    A. Crew Dragon Sunrise Mission
    B. Crew Dragon Demo-1 Mission
    C. Crew Dragon Demo-2 Mission
    D. Crew Dragon Demo-3 Mission
  38. Name the two astronauts who were part of the historical Demo-2 mission that
    launched the first manned flight of a private company to ISS from The USA on 30 May 2020.
    A. Elmend Drode and Abel Gill
    B. Bob Bhenken and Douglas Drew
    C. Doug Herley and Elmend Drode
    D. Bon Bhenken and Doug Herley
  39. Name the African-American whose death at the hands of a police officer
    sparked violent protests in America in late May 2020.
    A. David Floyd
    B. Wayne Floyd
    C. Paul Floyd
    D. George Floyd
  40. Which nation has ended its relationship with the World Health Organisation?
    A. US
    B. China
    C. Japan
    D. India
  41. Turkey celebrate the ___________ anniversary of Istanbul’s Conquest on May
    A. 565th
    B. 567th
    C. 569th
    D. None of these
  42. In May 2020 Venezuela started legal proceedings against which bank to force it
    to release $1 billion worth of Venezuelan gold kept in reserve?
    A. Federal Reserve Bank
    B. Bank of Spain
    C. European Reserve Bank
    D. Bank of England
  43. WHO announced the launch of the WHO Foundation, a legally separate body
    that will help expand the agency’s donor base and allow it to take donations
    from the general public, on_________?
    A. May 26,2020
    B. May 27,2020
    C. May 30,2020
    D. May 31,2020
  44. Mahathir Mohamad, ex Malaysian premier, was fired from his own party on
    May 28,2020.what is the name of the party which he co-founded and was its
    chairman until May 18, 2020?
    A. Malaysian United Front
    B. People’s Democratic Party
    C. Democratic Front of Malaysia
    D. United Indigenous Party
  45. The Parliament of China approved the National Security Bill for Hong Kong
    A. May 27,2020
    B. May 28,2020
    C. May 29,2020
    D. May 30,2020
  46. Name the cyclone that hit the border areas of Bangladesh and India, killing
    scores and causing havoc in May, 2020.
    A. Cyclone Ambar
    B. Cyclone Amphan
    C. Cyclone Philan
    D. Cyclone Pahan
  47. Which nation has included disputed territories of Kalapani, Lipulekh, and
    Limpiyadhura in its new map?
    A. China
    B. Myanmar
    C. Nepal
    D. Bangladesh
  48. Which airline became the first to go bankrupt after the coronavirus pandemic?
    A. Cathy Pacific
    B. Avianca
    C. Virgin Australia
    D. Flybe
  49. Which tennis player has become the highest-paid female athlete, surpassing
    Serena Williams according to Forbes Magazine?
    A. Simona Halep
    B. Ana Ivanovic
    C. Sofia Kenin
    D. Naomi Osaka
  50. Which nation has announced its intention of withdrawing itself from the Open
    Skies Treaty?
    A. UK
    B. Russia
    C. Japan
    D. US
  51. Which country recently announced its decision to withdraw from Open Skies
    A. North Korea
    B. Israel
    C. China
    D. United States
  52. Which among the following nations has not ratified the Open Skies Treaty?
    A. US
    B. Kyrgyzstan
    C. The Czech Republic
    D. Turkey
  53. When was International Day for Biological Diversity observed?
    A. May 21st
    B. May 19th
    C. May 18th
    D. May 22nd
  54. Which Country has suspended the proposal for the construction of a new
    international cricket ground IN May 2020?
    A. India
    B. Sri Lanka
    C. Australia
    D. England
  55. The recent Taiwanese anti-infiltration law is seen as a move against which
    A. Japan
    B. North Korea
    C. Russia
    D. China
  56. Name the French-Iranian academic who was sentenced for six years in jail in
    Iran for the dual charges of conspiracy against national security and propaganda
    in May 2020.
    A. Mahmoud Hussain
    B. Zeina Khodr
    C. Aiman Ali
    D. Fariba Adelkhah
  57. Which nation’s Senate has passed a bill to delist Chinese firms from stock
    A. UK
    B. US
    C. Germany
    D. Canada
  58. On 18-19 May, 2020, the_________session of the World Health Assembly was
    held virtually in Geneva, Switzerland.
    A. 70th
    B. 71st
    C. 72nd
    D. 73rd
  59. The Treaty of Open Skies has how many signatories?
    A. 40
    B. 25
    C. 35
    D. 30
  60. World’s first major football league resumed its season post-COVID-19 lockdown in which among the following countries?
    A. France
    B. Italy
    C. Spain
    D. Germany
  61. The United States issued a statement condemning which nation’s exclusion
    from the World Health Assembly?
    A. South Korea
    B. Israel
    C. North Korea
    D. Taiwan
  62. Us president Donald Trump has named which Muslim American to find a
    vaccine for Covid-19?
    A. Adil Najam
    B. Moncef Mohamed Slaoui
    C. Dr.Amjad Ali
    D. Dr.Fahad khan
  63. Which country has developed “I-Feel you” an intelligent bracelet which will help
    Do users respect social distancing rules?
    A. Germany
    B. Italy
    C. France
    D. Brazil
  64. May 18 is observed every year, to acknowledge the medical community who are working to find a safe vaccine for which disease?
    A. AIDS
    B. Malaria
    C. Polio
    D. Covid-19
  65. On 18 May 2020, Which country launched its new space defense unit to monitor
    and counter threats to the country’s satellites?
    A. Iran
    B. Japan
    C. USA
    D. Germany
  66. According to a new UN report, which continent could see 300,000 COVID-19
    deaths this year?
    A. Asia
    B. North America
    C. Africa
    D. Europe
  67. When is World Hemophilia Day observed?
    A. April 16th
    B. April 17th
    C. April 18th
    D. April 19th
  68. South Korea’s ruling party has won by a landslide in the parliamentary election
    held in Apr, 2020, winning__________of the 300 seats of the National
    A. 160
    B. 165
    C. 175
    D. 180
  69. The South Korean general election, in which the electoral reforms gave 18 year
    olds the vote for the first time, were held on__________?
    A. Apr 13,2020
    B. Apr 14,2020
    C. Apr 15,2020
    D. Apr 16,2020
  70. Pakistani-American doctor and a state senator for Connecticut who helped
    develop a ventilator device that makes it possible to treat seven COVID-19
    patients at once?
    A. Dr. Imtiaz Hussain
    B. Dr. Saud Anwar
    C. Dr. Ejaz Khan
    D. Dr. Shahid Anwar
  71. Ocean researchers have found the world’s “longest animal ever, 150ft long” in
    a deep-sea canyon off the Australian coast. The name of the animal is__________?
    A. Siderophore
    B. Siphonophore
    C. Sirhonophore
    D. Physlia
  72. Who has been named as The Leading Cricketer in the 2020 edition of Wisden’s
    Cricketers’ Almanack?
    A. Babar Azam
    B. Eoin Morgan
    C. Virat Kohli
    D. Ben Stokes
  73. Who has become Prime minister of Israel on 17 May 2020 for the fifth time?
    A. Reuven Rivlin
    B. Benjamin Netanyahu
    C. Benny Gantz
    D. None of these
  74. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his rival Abdullah signed a “power-sharing
    deal” on_________?
    A. 17 May 2020
    B. 19 May 2020
    C. 15 May 2020
    D. None of these
  75. In which country Chinese ambassador was found dead on 17 May 2020?
    A. Germany
    B. Jordon
    C. Israel
    D. Japan
  76. Under the power-sharing agreement announced in Afghanistan
    on___________between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, the latter will
    lead the National Reconciliation High Council and Ashraf Ghani will remain
    A. May 15,2020
    B. May 16,2020
    C. May 17,2020
    D. May 18,2020
  77. On___________Israel’s parliament approved Prime Minister Benjamin
    Netanyahu’s new unity government, ending more than a year of political
    deadlock, which allows him to remain prime minister for 18 months before
    handing over to Benny Gantz.
    A. May 15,2020
    B. May 16,2020
    C. May 17,2020
    D. May 18,2020
  78. Identity the Chinese ambassador to Israel who was found dead in Tel Aviv on
    May 17, 2020.
    A. Chang Ve
    B. Xi Due
    C. Du Wei
    D. Ni Leping
  79. The US was recently praised by the UAE for its role in the Global Coalition
    against Daesh. What is the other name for Daesh?
    A. Al Qaeda
    B. Hezbollah
    C. ISIS
    D. Houthis
  80. As per the recent Transparency report released by Facebook, which nation
    sought for the highest number of user data?
    A. India
    B. China
    C. United States
    D. North Korea
  81. MeerKAT, which has captured high-quality imaging of a PKS 2014-55 galaxy, is a
    satellite of which country?
    A. South Korea
    B. Israel
    C. South Africa
    D. United States
  82. Which country bans the use of saliva, sweat to shine Cricket balls under COVID19 guidelines?
    A. Australia
    B. India
    C. England
    D. Pakistan
  83. The virtual Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) on COVID-19
    pandemic has been organized at the initiative of which country?
    A. Kazakhstan
    B. Azerbaijan
    C. Uzbekistan
    D. None of above
  84. Who is the current Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan?
    A. Jean-Micheal Dumond
    B. Androulla Kaminara
    C. Jean-Francois Cautain
    D. Gerhard Sabathil
  85. In May 2020 World’s longest-running cartoon switched to reruns due to COVID19 disruption. What is the name of the anime tv show?
    A. Shin-Chan
    B. Simpsons
    C. Sazae-San
    D. San-Sae
  86. Which European country made public burning of the EU flag or that of another
    Is the country punishable by up to three years in jail on May 14, 2020?
    A. Finland
    B. Norway
    C. Belgium
    D. Germany
  87. What was the name of the hospital which was attacked by gunmen on May
    12,2020 in Kabul, Afghanistan killing scores including newborn children?
    A. Kabul National Hospital
    B. Karanzi National Hospital
    C. Barchi National Hospital
    D. Bharch National Hospital
  88. What was the name of the Irani logistical ship accidentally hit by Irani Frigate
    near Bander-e-Jask on May 11, 2020, killing all 19 onboard?
    A. Khardar
    B. Konark
    C. Konarak
    D. Khonra
  89. On May 12, 2020, International Nurses Day was celebrated around the world. The 2020 International Day marked the_________birth anniversary of Florence
    A. 130th
    B. 150th
    C. 200th
    D. 25th
  90. Who has won the 2020 Pulitzer Price For Fiction, announced on May 4?
    A. Ben Taub
    B. Barry Blitt
    C. Jericho Brown
    D. Colson Whitehead
  91. ‘World Tuna Day’ is observed on May 3, 2020. Tuna belongs to which species?
    A. Bird
    B. Fish
    C. Insect
    D. Reptile
  92. Recently, Denis Goldenberg passed away. He was a social activist of which
    A. Soth Africa
    B. Brazil
    C. Germany
    D. Russia
  93. Which country announced a ban on 1500 kinds of assault weapons on May
    A. New Zealand
    B. Australia
    C. Canada
    D. Iceland
  94. What is the new official name of NASA’s Mars Helicopter?
    A. Intelligence
    B. Ingenuity
    C. Brilliance
    D. Endeavor



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